Calipers measuring seals

Choosing a custom machined seal?


Custom machined seals are a great sealing option when product isn't available, cylinders have been modified, or when prototypes are needed, (without the expense and leadtime of tooling). There hundreds of profiles and materials available, made on demand with some lead times as quick as the next day.

Our sales staff will work with you to determine the profiles and materials best suited for your application. We will also work with our partners to engineer new sealing solutions. We’ve added a quick custom seal form to help you with your specialty seal selection. Just remember, when dealing with custom seals, S.T.A.M.P.S.S.

S-Size of current housing, groove dimensions
T-Temperature (operating) of system
A-Application where the system is to be used
M-Media/fluid to be sealed
S-Speed system cycles
S-Surface finish of rod and/or bore